Issue 2 – David can move Goliath

We are very proud to announce that finally Issue 2 is out!

After a long wait, Issue 2 is here. We want to thank every artist and writer in the Issue for your patience. We hope you enjoy this new version of Alliterati and share our passion in making it amazing!

I’ve chosen the name of the issue ‘David can move Goliath’ from Bethany Roger’s Poem, Yale. The Alliterati team and myself believe that this year Alliterati will transform into something amazing, a true place of pride (and a little bragging ) for writers and artist alike. We will devote ourselves to make it happen!

You have noticed that we are an online publication now. We decided to jump from the page into the world wide web to reach everyone who has an interest in Creative Writing and Art. We also think that this is the best way to showcase the talent of the students of Newcastle University. At the end of the academic year, we want to publish an antology of the best work that we’ve showcased. More on that, later!

We are planning a lot of wonderful things. We want to susprise our readers in every Issue and we are very happy to announce that Issue 3 is open for submissions. For more information, go here.

The Jars

We changed format and team, and we wanted an entire makeover. So we asked Neringa, the brilliant creator of our new logo to come up with something bold and iconic that would help us be noticed! She came up with a jar, that represents capturing ideas. Much like Alliterati does. We capture, fleetingly, ideas from our writers and artists and showcase them so everyone can see! Just like we captured grasshoppers when we were kids.

A jar can be filled with anything and this is exactly what we expect from you. Get outside your comfort zone and go the extra mile! Alliterati will be here to show it to the world.

We look forward to your submissions for Issue 3!

Lots of Love,

Sherezade García Rangel

Issue 2 – David can move Goliath


If You Love Me, Let Me Go by Viccy Adams

Taken for a Ride by Tracey Iceton

Oradour sur Glane by Shelley Day Sclater

What Lies Beneath by Laura Banks

Facing Problems by Tracey Iceton

One Last Drink by Tom Ward

Permanent Ink by Tracey Iceton

Lingering by Poppy Gardner


Bitter aloe by Rowan McCabe

Helios by Sarah Currie

Yale by Bethany Rogers

Culture Vulture by Hannah Claytor

Class by Rowan McCabe

Peggy’s Brambles by Sarah Skinner

L’une by Emma Douty

Loss by Lizzie Purvis

A note on the empty promise of summer by Hannah Claytor

Syncopation by Antony Young

Somewhere. Missing. Whereabouts Unknown by Natalie Crick

Crowds by Rowan McCabe

The Ugly Mermaid by Ottilie Ratcliff

Lingering by Poppy Gardner

About Alliterati

We're a creative writing and arts magazine and society. We promote art and artistic collaborations across the world. Find out our latest issues, news and more right here.
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