L’une by Emma Douty

The silence of the night envelopes me
And a warm darkness embraces.

Far away, but in proud visibility
The fresh moon glows, barely illuminating the
Soft contours of her subservient subjects, who rest
On Earth. Whilst such subjects –
Gentle flora and creatures both, others too
Are harnessed with utmost power
By Luna’s greatest companion, Gravity;
Strapped, trapped, and rooted to the ground –
She, in all elegance and grace
Floats high above, with such grandeur,
Her milky, majestic face looks down
Over her beloved subjects
With evident concern and delight.

The moon, whose effervescent quality
Is gloriously emphasized by the stark
Darkness of untouchable emptiness,
Drains colour from her kingdom,
But still allows for vibrancy, with her inescapable
Luminosity; exhibiting her power, and her right
To be Queen of the Night.
And her guardians, the coruscating stars
Defend her majesty in good faith
And complete loyalty.
They are the watchers; they glimmer, they shine,
They command Earth to adore the night
To acknowledge its power, and
To worship the moon.



Artwork by Poppy Gardner

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