Yale by Bethany Rogers

A slice of metal
as cool as an upside-down pillow.
That means I’m
coming in,
going out. It is

Reflective –
entirely unlike a mirror,
its long arm full of prongs and crevasses
like the face of a chemical engineer,
who’s too old to care about protective suits.

An arm reaching into a sleeve,
gropes around and
looks for nooks
and crannies.
And with a series of clicks like some ancient machine,
David can move Goliath. 
And here we are met by an audience of shoes and stairs,
(a sanguine sight to see).

And reaching in once more,
Yale conducts
An Orchestra of Mechanisms,
a Symphony of gentle clicks and clacks,
So that I can ascend
safe in the knowledge
that I’ll not be robbed

Artwork by Rebecca Yeh

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