Amor by Eleni Makrygianni

Roar, my yellow wraith, you cannot be heard.
Bloom beneath the sunset; enchant my nights.
You are as morose as the heart of the earth.
The crooner of the lovers who murmurs in my ear…
‘Amor is dead!’

Soar, my only friend, soar to the stars!
Lull me to a nightmare; awaken me in horror,
Shimmer, my pixie, underneath the vermeil moonlight.
Redeem the sufferers from all their sorrows;
Sing to them the words you speak to me:
‘Amor is dead!’

Thereby, my friend, we shall all become your pets,
Your sympathy may quell our worries and our cries
And the loneliest ghosts of the mackerel sky shall defy this lie…
‘Amor is Alive.’

Artwork by Anthony Morris.

About this piece: ‘Well, I was inspired by the obvious tragic loss of love and affection in our modern times. It all seems lustful and carnal when all we need is emotional purity. A higher connection, perhaps. Even the image of cupid has been deformed or even lost from my point of view. This poem perhaps depicts the nostalgia for romanticism.’ Eleni Makrygianni.

About Eleni: She’s 2nd stage undergraduate student, BA Philosophical Studies, Newcastle Uni. Born in New york, raised in athens, Greece. Age of 23. She has always found herself mingled with the arts. She’s also volunteering for an art gallery in Newcastle. She loves writing even if sometimes words accentuate this sense of pressure and despair. Dreams : none, she lets time drive her wherever they wants.

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