In the Eye of the Storm in a Teacup by Marcus Bryan


They seek to work on the most basic of human emotions: Pity.’
-Margaret Thatcher, 1981.



The Sun looks down through fog, but life goes on
Like yesterday; a heap of flesh and cloth
Remains unstirred by feathered wings and leathered feet,
The paper, tin, and ash that fall on concrete.
As Earth turns, indifferent, on its axis,
And shadow creeps across its surface,
Life departs the streets in all directions,
Each creature to itself, insensate.
Two spectres, alchemised within the dark,
Flit between the city’s granite veins.
Steel glimmers, and blood obscures reflected stars
As screaming lungs are torn apart with blades.
Then silence. Bitter winds caress the figure lying
Barely breathing; choking, weeping, dying.
As the spectres vanish into misty dusk,
The Moon stares blankly at the Earth, as if to shrug.

Artwork by Merlin Flower.

About this piece: ‘The poem was essentially borne out of watching too many science documentaries on the Discovery Channel and that really depressing Channel 4 documentary about the girl who got acid thrown in her face, the point being that if there’s no God out there looking after each individual person, it gives a responsibility to humanity as a whole to not wear rose-tinted glasses about life.’ Marcus Bryan.

About Marcus: He’s a 3rd year English student.

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