Infatuated Youth by Tom Ward

When it’s my turn to talk I’ve forgotten my lines
I’ve rehearsed them before alone, a thousand times
The words are wrong; this isn’t what I meant to say,
Just filling the silence; leave it for another day.

Have another drink; it’ll kill some time
The room is swaying, I can’t make up my mind.
Why is no one else this way? I’m completely alone
Making a fool of myself I should’ve stayed at home.

You’re as bad as me, but handling it better.
He’s a lucky guy; I wish he’d not met her
Regrets in the morning when reality’s dawning
It’s happened again and we’ll both pretend
The hidden meanings of our silent meetings,
3am thoughts and neither of us sleeping.
Our lives move apart, my chance was fleeting.







Artwork by Diana Afanador.

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