Living up to the past – Issue 3 is oooooout!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to present Issue 3 of Alliterati! This is the first one we (the new and improved A-Team) have put together, from scratch. We are pretty proud of it. And why? Because of all the amazing submissions that came through. You really had us working!

Teaming up with ‘A Night of Poetry’  our first launc party was a huge success (thanks to Sarah and Bethany for having us!) and our very own Andrew Sclater gave a little bit more information about his poem Ode: Aberrations of Immortality. He explained how  writers are weighted down by the works of great writers past. It made me think how in all paths of life we’re weighted down by something.

What’s great about this A-Team (yes, I’m going to throw glitter to my own peeps) is the enthusiam. You should see one of those meetings, I swear. We feed on each other’s ideas and suddenly out of ‘How can we resolve this?’ we have a pile of brand new projects to get working on. It feels great to work in such an environment.

I mention this because last night we had ourselves an improvised little contest. The audience of A Night of Poetry found themselves A…ttacked! We invited them to participate in the A-Factor, where you had to get together with at least one more writer/artist and bring forth a piece you’ve had to make in 15mins and with the theme of ‘In the pub’. Lots and lots came through, thanks everyone for participating! Our winners won an instant place in this months Issue, how about that? Shows that you’ve got to get yourselves to these events. Not only we had a great night, but we have a new piece for the Issue, the most popular of the night.

So having said that, no more. Keep submitting if you didn’t get there. We believe in improvement, so prove us wrong if we didn’t pick your piece this time around. Check out the guidelines in the submissions piece, we’ve added a couple more.

Before I send you off into the wonderfulness that is Issue 3, I would like to mention our highly commended shortlisters: Vibha Malhorta, Julia Middleton, Jade Taylor and Michael Foster. Also many thanks to Grete Brewer-Bakken for the support!

Lots of love,


Here Issue 3


The Lilliput by Shelley Day Sclater

The Accidental Sufi Haiku by Polly Malone

The Final Departure by Catherine Mccallum

The Lake by Emily Nicholson

Low Tide by Patrick Robertson

On Hope by Sherezade García Rangel


Excuse me while I Put You on this Pedestal by William Sebag-Montefiore

Ode: Aberrations of immortality by Andrew Sclater

Arson by Laura Emerson

Heading off by Tom Dibb

Amor by Eleni Makrygianni

Infatuated Youth by Tom Ward

In the Eye of the Storm in a Teacup by Marcus Bryan

Her Charming Syllables by Daniel Ridley

Love (or, A Parasitic Illness) by Sen Threadgold

Stand-alone Artwork:

Peacock Queen by Harriet Rollitt

The English Reaction to Snow (as Perceived by a Canadian) by Jonathan David Lim

About Alliterati

We're a creative writing and arts magazine and society. We promote art and artistic collaborations across the world. Find out our latest issues, news and more right here.
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