Manuel by Sherezade García Rangel

As dawn opens the night
The blankets weigh on him more than before.
In the day, his time is kidnapped.
In the night, no one expects him to get up.

The old house, this big room, in the closet an altar;
belong to someone that’s gone.
He knows he’s not supposed to,
but he wonders when it will be his turn.

The tree by the window wilts,
On the radio, they are not playing his song.
At times he thinks the fight is useless;
At times he feels it should be won.

There’s a picture on the dresser,
Yellow corners and a plastic frame.
In it, he holds me and I laugh;
In it, we didn’t know.

Artwork by Harriet Rollitt. You can see more of Harriet’s work here.

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