Archives and History

Alliterati Magazine is a tradition that started in Newcastle University, in North East England. Originally a paper publication that was irregularly produced and read only by students of the English Department the publication moved to this, its current online home in Autumn 2010. It has steadily gathered a much larger audience from across the world since.

ISSUE 6  (March 2012 – Our latest issue!)


ISSUE 5 (Our first issue produced in the ‘issuu format’ in Autumn 2011)


ISSUES 2, 3 & 4 (Our first online issues, produced on the website under the guidance of then editor Sherezade García Rangel.)

Issue 4 STAND ALONE ART: Welcome the Flying Cow

(All other artwork in older issues was displayed alongside the literary work it was produced for)

Flying Cow by Steve Reynolds

Hidding in the pattern by Robyn Nevison
Issue 4 PROSE: Welcome the Flying Cow

Confessions by Sashka Drakos

The School Run by Paige Sinkler

The Muse by Katie Witcombe

Part I of: Idolatry by John McCarroll

Part II of: Idolatry by John McCarroll

I Know What Happens by Alex Lockwood

Swansong by Dave Denton

Near-Death Experience by Martin Pond

Issue 4 POETRY: Welcome the Flying Cow

W. H. Auden visits the Café North Pole by Kirsty Law

Elegy for T. Kennedy by Sarah Firby

Kite by Jessica Mannion

The Ghost of Christmases Yet to Come by Ben Schwarz

Manuel by Sherezade García Rangel

Day Out by G.B. Lindsey

Of Oddities and Commodities by Jay Russell

Writer’s Retreat by G.B. Lindsey

The Otherworld by Lucy Coult

Foamy Guilt by Jenni Reay

Footsteps by Jessica Mannion

Tis Better by Tom Dibb

>Emoticons< by Matty Guy

Issue 3 PROSE – Living up to the past:

The Lilliput by Shelley Day Sclater

The Accidental Sufi Haiku by Polly Fisher

The Final Departure by Catherine Mccallum

The Lake by Emily Nicholson

Low Tide by Patrick Robertson

On Hope by Sherezade García Rangel

Issue 3 POETRY- Living up to the past:

Excuse me while I Put You on this Pedestal by William Sebag-Montefiore

Ode: Aberrations of immortality by Andrew Sclater

Arson by Laura Emerson

Heading off by Tom Dibb

Amor by Eleni Makrygianni

Infatuated Youth by Tom Ward

In the Eye of the Storm in a Teacup by Marcus Bryan

Her Charming Syllables by Daniel Ridley

Love (or, A Parasitic Illness) by Sen Threadgold

Issue 2 PROSE- David can move Goliath

Pin Board Edition 1: Doors ajar by Sarah Skinner

If You Love Me, Let Me Go by Viccy Adams

Taken for a Ride by Tracey Iceton

Oradour sur Glane by Shelley Day Sclater

What Lies Beneath by Laura Banks

Facing Problems by Tracey Iceton

One Last Drink by Tom Ward

Permanent Ink by Tracey Iceton

Lingering by Poppy Gardner

Issue 2 POETRY – David can move Goliath

Bitter aloe by Rowan McCabe

Helios by Sarah Currie

Yale by Bethany Rogers

Culture Vulture by Hannah Claytor

Class by Rowan McCabe

Peggy’s Brambles by Sarah Skinner

L’une by Emma Douty

Loss by Lizzie Purvis

A note on the empty promise of summer by Hannah Claytor

Syncopation by Antony Young

Somewhere. Missing. Whereabouts Unknown by Natalie Crick

Crowds by Rowan McCabe

The Ugly Mermaid by Ottilie Ratcliff

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