Got a creative talent you want to show the world? This is the place to do it! Here’s how you send your work for consideration for an issue…

We have an open-call policy for submissions (so feel free to send us stuff whenever you feel inspired to do so). However, please send us your submission by 5pm on FRIDAY 11th MAY to be a part of  Issue Seven. Submissions thereafter will be filed for consideration for later issues.

Literary Submissions:

Send an email with your submission to

Make sure the title of the email includes the style of writing, and the issue you are submitting for, for example: POETRY SUBMISSION ISSUE 7.

Put your name and the title of your piece as the file name but DO NOT put your name, or anything which directly identifies you, inside the file itself.

If you would like to submit a piece which has been inspired by stand-alone artwork (or indeed, another literary piece) which you have seen on our website, follow the same process but mention in the email the piece which you are responding to.

Please do not send more than 5 individual pieces.

Art Submissions:

This includes any ‘visual’ creative work, paintings, photography, short films are all welcome. We expect art submissions to be of at least 300dpi, and of a reasonable size.

There are two ways to submit artwork to Alliterati; the first is to submit work as a stand-alone piece…

Send an email with your submission to

Make sure the title of the email includes ART and the issue you are submitting to, for example: ART SUBMISSION ISSUE 7.

Put your name and the title of your piece as the file name.

Please do not send more than 8 individual samples.

The second way to submit artwork is as part of our GoBetween Scheme…

Collaborative Work – GoBetween Scheme

We are especially interested in artists and writers working together to create unique pieces. This is a different and exciting challenge for any artists or writer, often taking your creativity in new and unexpected directions. We passionately encourage you to think outside the jar and make it happen!

You can either send us a creative response to something you have seen on our website, or, you can illustrate something.

Here, we will provide a little help. We’ll be your go-between, and make lovely matches of brilliant talents alike. All we require is a sample of your artwork that best represents your style, we then match this to a literary submission which we will forward to you for illustration.

We’ll keep your sample artwork on record and contact you each time we find something we think you would be perfect to illustrate. You are not obligated to illustrate each time, just let us know if you’re too busy to help out for that issue.

To join the GoBetween Scheme, send us an email with samples of your work (usually 3-4 pieces if possible) to with GOBETWEEN as the message subject.

-The A-Team’s top 5 submission tips –

In our meetings, we often discuss the pieces that have been submitted at great length, arguments ensue and debates go on forever, but in the end we cannot publish everything. If you don’t get selected the first time, keep trying! We receive a large quantity of high-quality submissions and it’s often the small details which prevent a potentially great submission from making the issue.

So, here are our top five tips to make an issue…

1. Avoid clichés. There are writers and artists who have made it work but what we are looking for is originality. We want to showcase the work that defines you as an individual, with your unique point of view. What’s different about you? Take risks, do something different.

2. First lines are everything. We receive a lot of submissions, and we read them all thoroughly and carefully. That said, great pieces of work hook you right there and then. You can often back a winner on a first line. If it’s artwork: does it catch your eye from a distance? Is the first shot of your short film one that captures your audience?

3. Aim to strike. Think about the work you are submitting to us; is it suitable for an online magazine? Work which is too long or artwork which is too large, with many small details doesn’t work well on the web. Your novel might be amazing, and we’d buy a copy of your epic poem, but it might not go down so well in an online magazine. We don’t want our readers getting Repetitive Strain Injury in their mouse-controlling hand.

4. Less is more. Heard that one before, haven’t you? Well, it happens to be true. Especially for you, our dear poets. Read your work out loud, simplicity is a powerful tool. Artists: we’ll let you be the judge of how simplicity works for you (note: it’s often the visually simple and striking images that make our cover page!)

5. Grammar, punctuation and presentation. Obviously. No first drafts, please. And do use point 12 font, Ariel or Times New Roman unless you have a very good reason not to. Artists: no shoddily scanned-in pieces, we take work as we see it. All work should be ready-to-publish.

Looking forward to reading/seeing your piece!

The Alliterati Team

2 Responses to Submissions

  1. Kristin Roedell says:

    I’m not sure if you’re currently open to new submissions; Duotrope says you’re not, but I received an updated email today that says you are- could you let me know? I’d like to submit.
    Kristin Roedell

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