The Alliterati Team

The Editors

Sarah Skinner studies English Literature at Newcastle University and can often be found getting far too excited about…everything! As well as writing creatively, Sarah has recently tried her hand at surfing which has proven to be a very cold experience!

Charlotte Mountford also studies English Literature at Newcastle and can often be found sipping a glass of cheap Merlot and pining for the Summer. As well as an overly healthy interest in all things theatre, Charlotte is also a keen triathlete.

Bethany Rogers is a graduate of Newcastle University. She was a 2011 Manchester Fiction Prize finalist and is currently writing a book of short stories. She enjoys sticky toffee puddings and plays cello (very badly) in her spare time.

Sashka Drakos is a collector of names (16), jackets (12) and former addresses (14). He’s currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at Northumbria University while seeking out the answers to the universe and the question of being human. He’s also rather fond of shiny objects.

The Art Editor

Video artist Paul Johnson studies Fine Art at Newcastle University. Aside from filming, editing, illustrating and drinking tea, he can be found feeding his obsession of moving to Sweden.

The Alliterati Team wants to give special thanks to Neringa Stonyte, the fabulous artist who created our logo. You can see more of her work here.

With each issue, a small number of sub-editors help us to shortlist submitted work and promote the issue. Details of these fabulous people can be found in the list of editors published at the back of each individual issue.

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